Saturday, 28 January 2017

[#Blogged] Still Running behind app or platform ?

Back at the early dawn of prehistory, we used to reserve our utilization of the word platform to denote a consummate software programming development environment and underlying subsystem with language, runtime, components and all associated libraries and binaries. 
The result of utilizing a platform (Microsoft .NET or Java for example) was a software application, which in later years even your grandmother would commence to call “an app” – and then the Earth cooled.
In the next age of man, a platform became something marginally different. Where we used to cerebrate of a platform as the underlying computer system, we now probably have to accept the fact that the industry considers a platform to be anything that you can build upon. 
To be more pellucid, a platform could be your smartphone i.e. it has its own contrivance form factor and its own facility to interconnect with other software streams, consequently it’s a platform that you can do other things with that were not pristinely envisaged at the time of its initial design – and this is the consequential point.
Why don’t you endeavor Salesforce - with platform and app ? Well its sound awe-inspiring  but Is salesforce awe-inspiring tooo 
Brace yourselves: It’s both. (Insert sound of minds being blown)
But truth be told, it shouldn’t matter what it is. Salesforce is a consummate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implement that avails you sell, accommodation, market, and prosper, is plenarily secure and trusted by millions of users, and can evolve with your desiderata over time. 
Our suite of seven Salesforce apps is the core of our business. Many of our customers stick to 1-2 of these apps focused in categorical areas, while others layer on all seven to solve for a wide range of issues across their entire business.
Our apps sanction our customers to decide what they require, when they require it. The resplendency is that it’s all on one platform that can deploy in days or weeks, and is secured by our world-class trust infrastructure.
Because most of it is prebuilt and yare to rock, our customers can fixate on integrating value, not building from scratch.

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