Sunday, 16 July 2017

[#Blogged]Setup Audit Trail keeps an Audit Trail of configuration changes made in the Setup section. This Audit Trail is available for administrators to track recent setup changes. This becomes especially helpful if there are multiple administrators for your organization. 
Steps To View Setup Audit Trial: 
Navigate to Setup | Administer | Security Controls | View Setup Audit Trail: 

The preceding screenshot shows the last 20 most recent configuration changes for your organization.The Audit Trail is useful for troubleshooting. Because it captures date/time, you can often trace user issues back to a specific change. For example, if users all of a sudden are being asked to reset their passwords, you can trace that back to a change in password settings.

To download your organization’s full Setup history for the past 180 days, click the Download link. This will give you a CSV file that can be opened in Excel and sorted.

Starting with Winter'16 the SetupAuditTrail object ( has now been exposed via the Salesforce API's and within Apex via SOQL.

Have a look at Andy in the cloud blog about the SetupAuditTrail object.
Audit Trail key concepts:
You can check Audit Trail for the mentioned section/type of changes:
Administration: This will track sundry administration changes such as vicissitudes in the company information, multiple currencies, users, electronic-mail address changes, profile changes, roles, record types, engendering e-mail footers, and domain name changes.Customization: These vicissitudes are cognate to the interface changes, forecasts, contracts, conceptions, field tracking in victuals, support-cognate settings, process setups, and transmutes to groups.Security and sharing: These are cognate to security settings and sharing, such as password policy changes, session setting changes, vicissitudes in SAML settings, and so on.Data management: These vicissitudes are cognate to the mass expunction of records, data export requests, the mass transfer of records and import wizard utilization, and transmutes in analytic snapshots.
Development: This change is cognate to Apex classestriggers, and Visualforce. Changes can include modifications to triggers, classes or Visualforce; remote site access setup; and site setup.
Sundry setups: These include sundry setup changes such as the engenderment of an API, utilization metering notifications, territories utilization, workflow and approbations settings, and AppExchange package installation/uninstallation, and engenderment and effacement of workflow actions are additionally tracked.
Utilizing the application: These transmutations are cognate to the vicissitudes in the account team and opportunity team selling settings, Google App accommodations, and the enabling and incapacitating of partner and customer portal users.

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