Saturday, 26 August 2017

[#Blogged] Time To Upvote -Series (Part 2)

Here we have some idea's which need to be upvoted :
IDEA 1 - 
Enable drag & drop functionality for lightning Calendar
Salesforce classic calendar supports drag and  drop off events.
Lightning has a much more dynamic user interface, but it still lacks this basic functionality which keeps many customers from managing their calendars entirely in Salesforce.

IDEA 2 -
Allow new chats to load in the background, without monopolizing agent focus
Current behavior: When a new chat is accepted, the new chat monopolizes the agent focus, and the agent is not able to continue chatting or performing after-chat work. It brings the agent to the new chat tab, even though it takes ~ 5 seconds to load all 3 chat sub-tabs (chat, contact, case). Even once the 3 chat sub-tabs load, the user often takes a while (sometimes up to a couple minutes), to type out their question, so staying on the new chat tab is not usually the best use of agent time.
Desired behavior: When a new chat is accepted, the new chat should load in the background, allowing the agent to continue working on the other chat(s) they have open. The new chat should *not* force the agent to sit there and watch the 3 chat sub-tabs load. After working a little more on the open chats, the agent can check back on the new chat, and see how far along the customer is in composing their question. This is less disrupting to the agent workflow and maximizes agent control and efficiency.
Note: We've been told by the Live Agent PM that this is desired/expected behavior of the product. However, having observed agents in the field using Live Agent over the course of 1 week, I am confident that this is not desired behavior, and it is much preferred that the new chat *not* monopolize focus, and force the agent to sit there and watch the 3 sub-tabs load.
IDEA 3 - 
Allow Direct link to a Process Builder Process
When working with clients and/or other admins I need to be able to reference the specific process builder that I would like them to look at.  Right now the link available to me is the link that displays all of the processes.
Ideally, we should be able to send a link that opens up to the specific process. This could be something similar to what is available in the Service 

IDEA 4 - 
Pardot Merge Prospects via API
Hi All,
I've gone through the pardot API documentation, but have not found anything related to merging/deduplicating pardot prospects through the pardot API. We have a scenario where we are getting a lot of duplicates in our pardot instance. And also we have defined criteria of considering which of these prospects are duplicates.Since this number is huge, we wouldn't want to spend hours manually merging all of these duplicate prospects. Would be glad if Pardot rolls out an additional method within its APIs.
Please vote up this idea if you're facing the same issue.