Thursday, 2 August 2018

[#Blogged] Glimpse of #JDF18

Its been almost a week, since #JDF18 had created magic.
#JDF18 - Jaipur Dev Fest, which is organised by an amazing Team - Ankit, Abhinv,Gaurav and Neetu.
If you guys don't know, #JDF17 was the first Dreaming Event organised by Salesforce Community in India (or maybe Asia-Pacific) and also first Salesforce event that I attended.

Salesforce events actually give you a chance to learn immense knowledge about the platform also meet people you usually interact via Twitter, Trailblazer Community or different Salesforce Question Forums etc.

Let me give you a glimpse through my lens of the #JDF18 Event. So I landed in Jaipur on 27 July 2018 which started off with an interactive session with the fellow community members at the hotel, sharing crazy excitement about the event that went on till 5 AM in the morning.

#JDF18 was held on 28th July 2018 at Jaipur Convention Center. The Keynote started by Salesforce Relation Team India Kiran and Shanshank ( I always miss the starting of the event) read that it was amazing via tweets that were buzzing at the speed of lightning.
I was there listed in the keynote with 9 other awesome people on the screen as the "10 Rockstars You Would Not Want To Miss Meeting". You should follow them all on Twitter! Like right now.

Its impossible to attend all the sessions, apologies. So, I attended a few sessions at # JDF18 but I'll catch up with the slides and ppt shared by #JDF18 team.
Sessions I attended:
1 - Connecting the Customer Success platform
2 - No code "IBM Watson"Integration Using External Services and flows
3 - Platform Events + BigObjects=(Big) Like!
4 - Design thinking principles
5 - Women in Tech Panel Discussion
6 - Panel: Fireside Chat with Top Salesforce Partners

7 - Panel: CTA Panel Discussion

Travelling to every session, you can't take your eyes off from Sponsors booth and #swags.Thanks to all Sponsors for being there at #JDF18.

Demo Jams are always amazingly done by #MVP Joshua who participated by Autorabit, 360 cloud Sms, iBirds, SMS- Magic. And Autorabit won again at #JDF18 after Hyderabad Trailblazing.

Did I forgot to tell about the Post - Event Party held into 3 Zones:
1- Haveli - Dancefloor
2 - Booze & Food floor
3 - Networking ground

With my #Volleyball sprain, I could only explore only last 2 zones. And when you connect with amazing people you learn a lot!

Nothing like such an event is possible without a team of leaders and volunteers. Kudos To All Of Them!

Thanks to whole #Ohana for an amazing event and hope to see everyone next year #JDF19.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

[#Blogged] Apex Test Class Best Practices

You have to cover at least 75% but getting 100% must be the prime focus.
Never code to get the percentage cover.

  • All test methods should reside in a separate class from the class in which the method being tested resides.
  • These classes should be appended with the word Test followed by the name of the class being tested, e.g. OpportunityServicesTest.Some people use Test in front which is confusing and would consume more time while deploying/packaging.
  • These classes should all use the @isTest annotation.
  • Each method in the production class should have, at a minimum, one corresponding test method in its test class and should be appended by “test.”
  • There should be a minimum of “Null Pointer Exception test” as part of negative testing for each method, especially the methods that accept parameters.
  • A method without an assert statement is not considered a test method. A large number of relevant assert statements increases confidence in the correct behaviour of business logic.
  • There should be a comment with each assert statement explaining what is being tested and what the expected output is
  • Only use isTest(SeeAllData = true) on class methods in exceptional cases where there are sobjects that don't allow DML operation e.g. PriceBook creation.
  • System.runAs will not enforce user permission or field level permission.
  • All test data creation should be done from a Utility class. This allows for a streamlined creation of test objects that adhere to all the validation rules.
Resources :