Monday, 10 December 2018

[#Blogged] My POV of #Ohana 2018 at a Glimpse!

As the Year-end approaches, it seems like every year is dubbed “a year like no other.” But 2018 truly has been more Productive than many other years in recent memory.  In the last 11 months, I have been part of amazing Dreamin Events/ Blogs/ Software Meetups/ Hackathons etc in an awe-inspiring journey with #SalesforceOhana.  Let's walk through the year gone by :
 January :
Your Virtual Experts (Salesforce Development and Consulting Firm).  
Your Virtual Experts is a leading expert when it comes to Salesforce CRM integration & customization. With and Apex, we can make SalesForce the platform for all your operations, human resources, claims management, resource management etc.
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 February :  
Trailblazer Voices: How Failure Can Point to the Right Path( Blog)  
Think back to your 18-year-old self. You’re out of high school, expected to continue your education, and feeling excited about adult life. Now, imagine if you were faced with two choices: attend a four-year university with your friends, or get an internship in a technology you’ve never heard of. Which would you choose?           
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The year did start with a bang but it has iits cons like a month where I hadn't got any projects to work on.
But this quote by Lauren Conrad has kept me going.  “There is never just one thing that leads to success for anyone. I feel it always a combination of passion, dedication, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time.”
 All About Lightning with Pritam Shekhawat (Salesforce Chandigarh Developer Group)  
Lightning includes the Lightning Component Framework and some exciting tools for developers. Lightning makes it easier to build responsive applications for any devices.           Read More:
 13 Reasons Why You Need to Get Salesforce Certified. (Guest Blog).  
Are you looking to enhance your career, join a growing and vibrant community and travel the world? Then, it’s time to become Salesforce certified! And if you’re already certified, why not elevate your status to MVP? A Salesforce MVP is a valued thought leader recognized throughout the Salesforce community, always giving back by helping others.           
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April :
A month where I relaxed  and rejuvenating my brain cells for more focus and dedication towards work.
Apexchamp 2018 ( Salesforce Virtual Hackathon)
ApexChamp is a community-led hackathon for professionals around Salesforce who love to code and challenge themselves. The aim is to revive the geek inside you by hosting an online contest in an upcoming month. Developers who get selected in this online contest would be invited for a programming challenge. Read More:
Trailhead Global Gathering with Naga Kiran(Salesforce Chandigarh Developer Group)
We feel privileged to welcome you to this very special meetup at Chandigarh Salesforce DUG along-with the Chandigarh Salesforce WIT & Chandigarh Salesforce UG where we are going to host our special guest Mr Naga Kiran Manyala ( , Developer Advocate at Salesforce (India).
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Difficulty in getting sponsors for apexchamp.
Special North India Joint Meetup with Erica Kuhl & Daniel Peter (Salesforce  Jaipur Developer Group)
Salesforce Jaipur Developer Group We're pleased to announce a very special meetup on June 19 featuring Erica Kuhl - Vice President, Community coming all the way from Salesforce HQ. Erica will be joined for this meetup by Kiran from Salesforce India Developer Relations team. AN EXCITING UPDATE - Daniel Peter, a Salesforce MVP & Organiser of Bay Area Developer User Group will also be joining us on this special occasion.
Sharing My #Trailblazer Story with  Audition in Hyderabad was amazing. I have spoken in many meetups but It was first Dreamin Event. I am more of a Setting up person so the Speaker can be comfortable and good with their presentation. Add-On was Sharing my Story Salesforce via Video Interview and Getting my trailblazer hoodie and picture :) Proud #Trailbalzer
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Half a year is gone by till here and still, there is so much more to share with you guys.
Service Cloud Consultant Certification (4X Salesforce Certified Professional after Got retired)
Candidates should be able to successfully design and implement maintainable and scalable Service Cloud solutions that meet customer business requirements and contribute to their long-term success.            Read More:
Marc Benioff Follow Back.
Jaipur Dev Fest 2018(Attendee)
Salesforce events actually give you a chance to learn immense knowledge about the platform also meet people you usually interact via Twitter, Trailblazer Community or different Salesforce Question Forums etc. Attending the Jaipur events and Jumping from one technical session to another was best. Thanks to Salesforce Relations Team For Placing me in Top 10 Salesforce  Rockstars you should meet.           
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It was a struggle to balance things when everyone was running in different directions to make Apexchamp happen.
Equality in a Box (Salesforce Chandigarh Developer Group)
Salesforce wanted to provide an equal pathway for everyone to land a top job in the workforce of the future. Today, over 7 million badges have been earned, and people from all walks of life have been inspired to transform their careers. But there’s still a major equality gap in technology caused by many factors including the lack of accessible education. BAM! It’s time to bring education and opportunity to everyone. It’s time to Be A Multiplier.           
For every meetup, we work hard and yet sometimes people don't show up.
Salesforce Lightning Bolt Tattoo
Salesforce has been the turning point of my life. Now it's a part of me too! #Trailblazer #SalesforceOhana
#Community Summit.
#ApexChamp Phase 1 Winners
Apexchamp Top 19 for Second Phase Apexchamp organised a Online Examination to select top 19 out of 800 participants to take part in Salesforce Hackathon.
Salesforce Saturday with Stephanie heerara ( Salesforce Learning Hours)
One time opportunity to meet virtually Stephanie Herrera (Director of Salesforce & Business Systems , Spredfast, Salesforce Saturday Founder, PepUp Tech Co-Founder, Salesforce MVP). She is inspiration, motivation to all of us, if you have any query regarding Salesforce as a Technology , Future this is the platform to get all you queries answered.          

A moment of disappointment came when my Visa got rejected for Salesforce DreamForce Event,San Francisco and I couldn't attend it irrespective of having all the information and documents.
Apexchamp Winners Announcements

Dreamforce Global Gathering with Salesforce Amy(Salesforce Chandigarh Developer Group) Four days of inspiration, giving back, and having the time of your life with fellow Trailblazers — that only begins to describe the most innovative software conference in the world. With 2,700+ sessions to help every role in every industry succeed, opportunities to get hands-on with the latest product innovations, and thousands of Trailblazers to learn from, Dreamforce is not to be missed.

India Dreamin 2018.(Attendee)
India Dreamin, standing true to its name. The first day was just so inspirational whether the speakers talking or listening to different ideas over the community dinner This Year does seem to be full of aspirations. #IndiaDreamin18 was amazing Event full of knowledge along with amazing back-to-back Sessions of  #Speakers with interesting topics. Kudos to core team. See you next year :) 🐼 #PandaHugtoeveryone. #IndiaDreamin18 #Salesforce

This Year has made me learn, achieve, believe and understand a lot of things not just about Salesforce but also about me. So I, end this blog with this very determining quote by Pete Maravich - “There is nothing wrong with dedication and goals, but if you focus on yourself, all the lights fade away and you become a fleeting moment in life.”