Sunday, 20 October 2019

[#Blogged] - Pardot Einstein

Pardot Einstein is used to describing the new AI features available through Pardot and Salesforce.
  • Einstein Behavior Scoring identifies prospects demonstrating buying signals and scores them based on engagement patterns. Einstein leverages prospect activities in Pardot, such as link clicks and forms submissions, to determine which prospects are most engaged with your marketing efforts.
  • Einstein Lead Scoring analyzes historical marketing and sales data to discover the top factors that determine whether a lead is ready to convert. This score is continually updated as more patterns emerge.

Pardot Einstein brings the power of AI to B2B marketers! Say hello to Einstein Behavior Scoring, Einstein Lead Scoring and Einstein Campaign Insights (beta).
The Pardot Einstein FAQ will provide you with information on:
  • How to access each feature
  • How much data you will need for Einstein to do its work
  • How Pardot Einstein can help you understand your lead engagement

Source: Trailhead