Thursday, 21 May 2020

[#Blogged]- 5 Cool Pardot Features for Lightning

Salesforce acquisitions are something we are all used to by now.  Part of what makes Salesforce the powerhouse that it is in the CRM world is the constant innovation.  That sometimes means knowing when to purchase already established solutions and making them applicable to the platform. Pardot was a purchase from 2012, but it has continued to improve since that time, in true Salesforce fashion.  So what exactly is Pardot? Isn’t it just a marketing tool? It’s actually more than that. Pardot takes marketing up a notch by its consideration of the sales cycle and is geared towards B2B marketing, as opposed to B2C. This is more than just an email marketing tool, which helps with email sends, tracking responses and reporting. Pardot is actually a marketing automation solution, which makes more of what you do count, and provides metrics for analytics that really stand out in order to help you target your next move. Pardot allows you to generate higher quality leads, interact more meaningfully, and really analyze your return on investment when it comes to campaigns. I could sit here and gab about it all day, but I’d rather just share with you my 5 Cool Pardot Features for Lightning!
  • Reuse Content Across Campaign Emails with Snippets - This feature is fairly recent, and was part of the Winter ‘20 release, but is really a time saver worth mentioning. If you’ve been involved in marketing, you know repeating yourself over and over in promotional emails can get really old, really quickly.  Salesforce heard your cries and delivered a solution to save a lot of time. Now, snippets allow your marketing admins to reuse portions of content that really doesn’t need to be reproduced every time they want to set up an email.  Not only is it quick, but easy to use, as well.  Once the snippet is created on an existing campaign, it is stored on a record in the Snippets tab and can be edited as you see fit.  Then, when you’re ready to use it, select it from your list and it’s pulled into the email or email template. Check your watch - you just did that in record time.
  • Pardot Sandboxes - I like to follow best practices, especially when it deals with customer accounts. One of those best practices is to implement changes in a sandbox (or, ideally, two sandboxes) before pushing those changes to production. Bypassing that step can be really risky, especially when it comes to tinkering with your marketing tools. Not only do you endanger the live data, but can set yourself up for a lot of headaches if you make changes that aren’t backed up somewhere. So, you can imagine my sigh of relief when I saw the Spring ‘20 Release Notes included Pardot Sandboxes! This is still in Beta and currently only available for those with the Pardot Advanced Edition, but I’m very much looking forward to this being generally available, and hopefully soon.  This would allow you to test those changes you wish to make without the gamble of affecting your current setup in production.  
  • Power Engagement Studio and Automation Tools with Einstein Behavior Scores -  Also earlier this year, Salesforce joined the power of Einstein Behavior Scoring with Pardot. This change is for the Pardot Advanced Edition but is still a great feature. For those of you that don’t know, Einstein Behavior Scoring is a great tool that scores prospects in regards to their behaviour. It looks at positive interactions, such as email opens, and form clicks, but also negative interactions, such as if they’ve marked your materials as spam. Also when they interacted with materials is pertinent, as a more recent interaction can provide a higher score than something months ago. You can then feed this information into reports and dashboards to analyze your next steps, and really go after those leads that you know are engaged and more open to what your sales team has to offer. Your sales team also knows the materials they seem to better respond to and can tailor their delivery with materials the prospect prefers. This makes each move more efficient for both your sales and marketing teams.  
  • Pardot Connected Campaigns -  This is a great feature that combines the natural strengths of Pardot and Salesforce together.  Pardot Connected Campaigns are a great way for your company to see how campaigns compare against one another, which ones are more successful, and can guide you to make better choices in the future based on those wins. There’s a feature called the Engagement Metrics Component that is embedded on the campaign record page layout and is visible for all to see. You can also have sales teams use Engagement History List Views to see how a lead or contact has interacted with Pardot. I would say “connected” is the right word to describe this feature!
  • Complex Rule Logic -  As much great information as Pardot and Salesforce can parse together, sometimes there is still a lot of work on the backend to make those analytics lasers focused. It’s common to find multiple rules geared towards grabbing one piece of information that’s really valuable to your decision-makers. Creating multiple rules takes up a good chunk of time. Now, complex rules let you bake multiple rules into one step in Engagement Studio! Akin to Process Builder, the neat layout and “Add Condition” button let you build out your step in an organized and efficient manner that’s easy to understand and put together. You can then see on the editor layout a nodule that identifies your “complex rule” and tells you how many conditions are baked in. What’s not to love about a more streamlined, time-saving process?
Excited about what we’ve shared, but still learning about Pardot basics and how you can use it? I’d suggest starting with the Pardot Lightning App Basics module on Trailhead to whet your appetite. You’ll soon see why there’s so much to love about Pardot! They’ve really increased the impact of marketing responsibilities and decisions while providing metrics that really matter when it comes to sharpening the responses of your sales teams. Sales and Marketing together can be a powerhouse when it comes to propelling your company forward.
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