Wednesday, 10 June 2020

[#Blogged] - 5 Best Apps on the AppExchange by Salesforce Labs.

Today I wanted to touch on what I think are 5 of the Best Apps on the AppExchange by Salesforce Labs. If you haven’t heard about the AppExchange, well, you’ve been missing out! The AppExchange is a site where apps are available for integration with your Salesforce instance to help with that nagging problem you may be having. The chances are, you’re not the only company having that headache, and why reinvent the wheel? There is a possibility someone has addressed that issue, and made is readily available for you to check out. Have I grabbed your attention yet?

Apps usually have demos, videos and other information, and user reviews. You can sort the reviews and see what kind of feedback they’re getting. Most apps are not free, and may require a subscription of sorts. But this is where Salesforce Labs comes in -- all of their apps are free and customizable to fit your needs. So, not only do you get solutions from the minds behind the awesome tool you’re using, but you know it is compatible and is supported by the brand you trust. And, did I mention you don’t have to pay anything for it? This is really important, as most companies have limited budgets, or are just starting out, and third party solutions aren’t always a perfect fit for various reasons.

So, in no particular order, here are the 5 Best Apps on the AppExchange by Salesforce Labs.

  • Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

One of the biggest issues many of us face as admins or developers on a company team is Salesforce User Adoption. Although we love our coworkers, many of them are stuck in bad habits of using old spreadsheets and sticky notes to capture valuable data that should be in the system. Understanding the current state of things at your company is crucial - whether you’ve just installed Salesforce, or have recognized a need to get more people on board. This is a great app and provides a ton of value. You can view user login history and whether or not they are using the key features that can help with company productivity. And, it’s not lean, either - you get 42 reports and 3 dashboards (amongst other things like fields and dashboard folders) to make this as customized for your company as possible.

Check it out today: Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

  • orgLimits

This is a fairly new app on the AppExchange, but a really interesting one to consider. Unfortunately, a common issue many companies have is realizing latency in their Salesforce org, only to find out it’s been years since cleanup has been done (if it ever has at all), and they’re at 98% storage capacity. They then have to dig through to see what is taking up the most space, and that can be tedious and stressful. A better solution is to have this on hand, so your team can keep an eye on things throughout the year, and make plans in advance to keep your org clean and address how your records should be stored. This can be used on the utility bar (to keep it readily in sight at all times), or on a Lightning Home/App page or component tab. Take my advice - this is something you don’t want sneaking up on you! Use this link to find this on the AppExchange:  orgLimits

  • Round Robin Assigner 

The Round Robin Assigner is an absolute game changer! Besides case assignment rules and lead assignment rules, there isn’t much more in the way of the ability to Round Robin ownership, without a lot of custom development work. That could be a major pain for teams that functioned around needing a group of users assigned chronologically. You can use this for standard objects like cases, leads, and opportunities, and also for custom objects with an owner field or lookup to the User object. This can be setup in a Process Builder or Flow and seems really easy to customize and configure. Also, they have the source code listed on github for those that really want to get a deeper look behind the functionality. You can find it here: Round Robin Assigner

  • Flow Video Player & File Viewer

Releasing new processes for your company can make for an exciting project, but making sure everyone is on board after the release can be tough. When there’s one of you, but thirty of them, how can you make sure that brand new sales process is visible and accessible should they have questions or need a gentle reminder? Well, now you can embed a video or file into your Lightning Flow Screen. You can even adjust the video size, starting position, and auto-play, to make it just right. Not only can this reduce the strain on your question load after a new release, but helps make your reps more self sufficient. You can find it here: Flow Video Player and File Viewer

  • Consent Capture - Flow Template

In this day and age, consumers are demanding accountability from companies regarding their data and how they may be contacted. Not only is this a consumer preference, but there are actually laws around how your company must handle those preferences, and you can land in big legal trouble if you don’t take this seriously. Thankfully, Salesforce Labs realizes the gravity of this situation, and has made it easy for you to address with the Consent Capture app.  After enabling Data Protection & Privacy in setup, you can install this package and create a flow that helps your users capture your customer preferences on how they’re contacted. This allows you to manage consent records for your contacts, leads, and users, and track expiration of consent, as well as opt-outs. The flow can be customized to fit both your local laws and general business practices, providing guidance for your users to obtain this information, all without needing a legal degree. I dare say this is one that needs consideration, if you don’t already have it. You can find it here: Consent Capture - Flow Template.

If you haven’t already bookmarked the AppExchange, now is the time to do it! There are new apps continually being released by Salesforce Labs, inspired by your own needs that have been echoed in the Success Community and IdeaExchange. You never know when the resolution to your woes are just a few clicks away!

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