Thursday, 6 August 2020

[#Blogged] - Salesforce Administrator Guide: Propelling your Career Forward - Part 3

Part 3: 3 Benefits of Joining Community Groups 

So, you’re focusing on furthering your Salesforce Admin career -- that’s great! It’s easy to get inundated by everything Salesforce has to offer, and the pressure to “keep up” with it all. But just relax! You’re not going to learn it all in a day, and there is more to your Admin career than the hard skills themselves. There is a whole network of others who are following the same path as you, and others who have gone before. Why not tap into that network to help you stay on top of your Admin game? 

If you have not heard about Community Groups, you’re in for a treat! This does not mean “Community Cloud” groups, but rather user groups of Salesforce professionals in your area. They are a great way to connect with others locally, and can provide resources to help you along this journey you’re on. They usually meet pretty regularly, and offer events such as webinars, and “Salesforce Saturdays” where you can meet and work through your Salesforce issues together. If you’re stuck on a major issue, collaborating with others who have a variety of experience can help you think outside of the box and find that perfect solution you’re looking for. The positives of the Community group doesn’t just stop there - read on to see more benefits and how to sign up today! 

3 Benefits to Joining your Local Community Group

  1. Access to local Events - This is a huge benefit. It can be easy to get caught in your bubble of work, and the next thing you know, you’re not really expanding your horizons. Local events can range from guest speakers, to local companies offering apps on the AppExchange to explorations of new features. And they’re tailored to a smaller crowd, which can give you a chance to ask those important questions.

  1. Find a Mentor - Especially when starting out as an admin, it can feel like you’re not sure of the path you’d like to take or even where to get started at times. Finding a mentor can be a great way to work with someone from your area who understands the local industry and can offer advice on the best ways to propel yourself forward.

  1. Networking with Others - Your local community group also allows for connecting with others nearby, as well. These connections can be great for future career options and building relationships early, as you stay in touch over the course of your growth. You can also find awesome people to join your team, as well. 

How to Sign Up

To find out more about your local Community Group, login to your Trailhead site, and navigate to the “Community” drop down, where you can see “Community Groups”. 

Once you’re there, you can easily Sign up and search for the city you live in (or one near you) to see about events they’re hosting. Signing up only takes 30 seconds, and you’re in!

This is a great opportunity to help you expand your growth as you’re on this journey of being a Salesforce Admin. What are you waiting for?!? Go Join today!

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